April 5th : Yu-gi-Oh Evolution Gaming Regional @The schwabenhof (N56W14750 Silver Spring Dr.)

Yugioh ECS Championship :

​Sunday January 26th!

(Worlds Promos (monster reborn and red-eyes black dragon) as well as other prizes based off attendance)

entry $20

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Evolution Gaming

Yugioh Sneak peek January 25th and 26th! Ignition Assault

Yugioh OTS Championship

March 7th

Evolution Gaming

12714 W Hampton Ave, Butler, WI 53007

Hours: Wed. 4pm-8pm  Thurs. 4pm-8pm

           Sat. & Sun. 11am-6pm

Wednesdays: Speed Duel 5:30pm 

$5 Entry Fee

Argent Saga Weekly

​$5 Entry Fee

Thursday: Dragon Ball Super 6:00pm

$6 Entry Fee

Saturday: Yugioh Advanced Format 1:00pm

$5 Entry Fee

​Sunday: Yugioh Advanced Format 10 OTS pack Tournament

$5 Entry Fee

Weekly Events: